Plan Change #76: Omaha South

This plan change for the introduction of a Special Zone providing for residential development at Omaha South became operative on 24 January 2000. The change amended the boundary of the previous Rural Conservation 1 Zone and rezoned the Rural Conservation 3 Zone as Special 16 (Omaha South Development) Zone.

The zoning provides for coastal residential and small-scale local commercial development in Omaha South in a manner which recognises the social, environmental and cultural values apparent within Omaha South e.g. kahikatea swamp forest on the estuary side.

In terms of the original Development agreement made with the Rodney District Council, the Design Control Committee is responsible for approving building plans which fit within the scope of the Plan Change.

A benefit is that section owners wishing to build do not have to apply for Resource Consent.

However any material changes to the Design Guidelines have to be approved by the Council.

So an important function of the Society is to ensure that building standards are maintained to the guidelines that have been set.

This function is carried out by the Design Control Committee which is a sub-committee of the Society and is accountable to it.

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