About Omaha Beach Residents Society

It is an Incorporated Society registered under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908. As such its powers of operation are limited to what is provided for in its written constitution. A copy of the constitution has been made available to you or your legal representative.

Every owner of land within the development must become a member of the Society and agrees to be bound by the provisions contained within the constitution. When a section is on sold that obligation follows to any future purchasers.

It is in the interests of all section owners that there are common guidelines that determine the quality of structures added to the land and the use and operation of facilities. An Incorporated Society is a commonly used mechanism to achieve that purpose.

The Society is managed by a committee of its own members who are elected by the members of the Society. At each Annual General Meeting of the Society new committee members may be sought. The constitution requires a committee member to stand for re-election after three years.

An important function of the Society in its early years is to ensure that building standards are maintained to the guidelines that have been set. This function is carried out by the Design Control Committee which is a sub-committee of the Society and is accountable to it.

All members of the Society are automatically full members of the Omaha Beach Community (OBC). The OBC represents the interests of all property owners at Omaha Beach.

Membership of the Society is compulsory for all section owners.

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