Society Objectives

  1. To provide, maintain in working order and insure members' communal assets for the use and enjoyment of members.
  2. To exercise the collective wish of all members in all matters affecting all members interests. Where matters pertaining to bylaw changes, local body issues, development security issues etc. are concerned the Society as a body representing all members can provide a more effective outcome than individual members acting on their own.
  3. The value of section owners' investments is determined by the overall quality of the landscaping and erected structures.The Design Control Committee has a responsibility to inspect all applications for consent to erect structures. A primary objective of the design control committee is to ensure that all erected structures comply with the standards laid out in the documentation initiated by the developer.
  4. To provide a channel through which members can initiate comment, criticism, discussion or complain regarding matters affecting member's interests.
  5. To ensure that collective best interests of all members is maintained so that the financial investment that each member has made is maximised.
  6. To ensure that the development complex is a safe and secure environment for those living within it.

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