Guidelines for the Use of the Tennis Courts

There are 3 court locations within the OBRS precinct:

  • Tuna Place
  • Mangatawhiri Road
  • Taumata Road

These courts are situated on Auckland Council land under the management and care of the OBRS and are available for use by everybody within the Omaha community. 

Recently the OBRS has made significant upgrades to all locations.  New lighting has been installed at the Mangatawhiri Road and the Taumata Road sites as the original lighting had deteriorated to such an extent that they were a safety hazard.  In addition to the new lighting the Tuna Place surface has been upgraded, new nets installed and additionally, basketball hoops have been installed on one of the courts to provide a multi function experience for the community.  You will see that we now have a movable net so that this area can be used by those aspiring basketball fans as well as the tennis enthusiasts.

It would be appreciated if we can all follow the following guidelines when using these facilities.  Please keep in mind that we are one community and our collective enjoyment will be achieved if we all adhere to these guidelines.

  • If others are waiting to use the courts please assign your use to an hour maximum - sharing is caring
  • Lights are available until 10.00pm - the lights can be turned on by pressing the button on the controller
  • As with most Auckland Council recreation areas, the sites are alcohol free areas
  • To protect the surface of the areas, it would be appreciated if wheeled apparatus be kept off.  This of course excludes the movable tennis net at the Tuna Place site.  Also, it is requested that animals be kept outside the fences.

If there are any issues that need to be reported, can you please contact Insite Security.




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